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The Chaos in the Middle East, 2014-2016

In my latest book I explore and explain the whys and wherefores of the Middle East’s growing chaos.

‘The Chaos in the Middle East: 2014-2016’ provides an accessible overview of the discord that is dominating the Middle East. The West’s continuing failure to crush Islamic State, Iran’s increase in status, the apparently endless conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, the interminable Israeli-Palestinian dispute - these, and more, are explored and explained.

Through all its sadness and brutality, the Middle East has become a fashionable topic for news media around the world. While millions know that the region has problems, not many in the West understand why. They know Islamic State means death, but fail to appreciate why this follows from ideas that motivate the organization, or its long-term objectives. They see Syrian refugees flooding into Europe, but are hazy as to who is fighting whom in their homeland, and why. 


"The Chaos in the Middle East: 2014-2016" provides an up-to-date overview of the problems currently affecting the Middle East, and sets them in context. By providing an account of the bewilderingly complicated events of the past two years, but also explaining their background, I try to give readers the tools to understand issues of concern to the whole world. Written in easily understood terms, the book is ideal for readers interested in comprehending the complex problems emanating from the Middle East.

The grim reality in today's Middle East began attracting the world's attention from the beginning of 2014. The growth in size and influence of the bloodthirsty and inhumane Islamic State, and the hordes of terrified refugees fleeing from the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, to name but two examples, forced themselves on the public’s attention. From this time, major themes dominated the politics of the region, such as the rise in the power and influence of Iran, the failure to defeat Islamic State in Iraq or Syria, the continuing devastation of Syria and the surprising incursion of Russia into the Middle East. These, as well as assessments of particular areas of conflict or special interest such as Turkey and the Kurds, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Israeli-Palestinian dispute,Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon and South Sudan, form the framework of this book.


Foreword                                                                                          ix     
1. Islamic State and Islamism                                                             1
2. Iran and the nuclear deal                                                               47
3. Syria’s civil conflict                                                                         85
4. Israel and Palestine                                                                      107
5. Turkey and the Kurds                                                                   182
6. Egypt’s struggle for stability                                                          201
7. Russia flexes its muscles                                                              215
8. No end of trouble                                                                          228
                               • Saudi Arabia’s new broom                               232
                               • The sorry state of Yemen                                 243
                               • Libya and the anti-Islamist struggle                 250
                               • Lebanon in limbo                                             260
                               • Why Tunisia?                                                   271
                               • Hope for South Sudan                                     275
                               • The non-Arab Middle East                               280
                               • Arab-Israel peace – a new approach               287

‘The Chaos in the Middle East: 2014-2016’ is published as a paperback at £11.99 ($17.50) and as an ebook at £4.99 ($6.50).

Available from Amazon and all other retail on-line booksellers

About the Author:I have been commenting on the Middle East scene for over thirty years. I am Middle East correspondent for the Eurasia Review and my articles also appear regularly in the Jerusalem Post, in on-line publications, and in this blog, “A Mid-East Journal”. My books include “One Man’s Israel” (2008), “One Year in the History of Israel and Palestine” (2011) and “The Search for Détente” (2014). A past chairman of the Society of Authors’ Broadcasting Committee and the Contributors’ Committee of the Audiobook Publishing Association, I am a veteran radio and audio dramatist and abridger. In the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2006 I was awarded the MBE for services to broadcasting and drama.
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