Wednesday, 8 August 2018

"Palestine is a Feminist/Queer Issue"

Letter in the Jerusalem Post, 8 August 2017

In “What happened to you, Cory Booker?” (August 7), Shmuley Boteach omits one important aspect when discussing the slogan on a BDS t-shirt: “Palestine is a Feminist / Queer / Refugee / Racial Justice Issue.”

That slogan was an expression of the fashionable “intersectionality”, a philosophy to which left-wing or Antifa (anti-fascist) supporters in today’s America have become enslaved.  Intersectionality perceives a link between all manifestations of oppression, however diverse. Female victims of sexual inequality are related to black victims of racial inequality and to victims of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inequality, and so on.

Antifa, which has swallowed the BDS doctrine in its entirety, has decreed that Palestinians are quintessential victims. Their villainous oppressors are Israel, which it accuses of every sort of monstrous criminality. The logical outcome of this new-wave philosophy is that if one opposes racism, homophobia and sexism, then one must oppose Israel, and by extension all those who support Israel, and by a further extension all Israelis, most of whom happen to be Jews. It is this philosophy which is embraced by Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, and his extreme left-wing supporters.

This is why the recent Charlottesville violence in the US differed from the seminal anti-fascist Battle of Cable Street in the London of the 1930s. The Cable Street anti-fascists were Jews supported by non-Jewish friends, neighbors and fellow workers, who hated the anti-Semitism of the Black Shirt leader, Oswald Mosley, and his bully-boys, and were determined to make a stand against them. Antifa, on the other hand, contains within itself an anti-Semitism as hateful as that mouthed by the fascists it opposes.

Neville Teller

Published in the Jerusalem Post, 8 August 2018:

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